stanzebla: A starling chick looking out
stanzebla: A bee approaching iris flowers
stanzebla: Hay drying
stanzebla: The world is huge
stanzebla: Proud parenting
stanzebla: McCormick International Harvester 353
stanzebla: McCormick International Harvester 353
stanzebla: Juvenile blue tit
stanzebla: Gosling
stanzebla: Swimming in the reflection
stanzebla: Canada goose with goslings
stanzebla: Daisies all over the lawn
stanzebla: Bee and blossoms
stanzebla: Geese on a lake
stanzebla: Grey heron posing
stanzebla: A mallard
stanzebla: Bee in colza flowers
stanzebla: Small white on yellow flower
stanzebla: They are growing so fast
stanzebla: Wall lizards sunbathing
stanzebla: White stork flying over the Neckar river
stanzebla: These tarsi are made for walking
stanzebla: Disa likes the garden
stanzebla: Violet carpenter bee on iris
stanzebla: In the bushes of Wieblingen
stanzebla: Bee approaching Oregon grape flowers
stanzebla: On the lookout
stanzebla: A red squirrel with a black walnut
stanzebla: Another white stork flying by
stanzebla: Violet carpenter bee visits Japanese wisteria flowers