Paul.Y-D: Leaning on a lamppost!
Paul.Y-D: Woodland Beech
Paul.Y-D: The garden
Paul.Y-D: I can't spell Amenome?
Paul.Y-D: A day to remember?
Paul.Y-D: Smit
Paul.Y-D: PM Saturday
Paul.Y-D: Boatyard
Paul.Y-D: Walk in't park
Paul.Y-D: Barking!
Paul.Y-D: By the lake!
Paul.Y-D: Forest light
Paul.Y-D: No way out!
Paul.Y-D: Step up!
Paul.Y-D: Plymouth City Reflecting
Paul.Y-D: La Mar
Paul.Y-D: Plitvice
Paul.Y-D: Food for thought! (Picture by Christine S)
Paul.Y-D: Plum
Paul.Y-D: Cheery!
Paul.Y-D: Peaceful?
Paul.Y-D: In the shade.
Paul.Y-D: Wash n go....
Paul.Y-D: RFA Tide Surge, Easter Sunday 2021
Paul.Y-D: 'The office'
Paul.Y-D: Sprig!
Paul.Y-D: 'Ligna retorta'.
Paul.Y-D: M107 HMS Pembroke
Paul.Y-D: Twisted by the river
Paul.Y-D: Edgcumbe House