EricaSpin: Excited about the weekend! What are your plans? anyone shooting? #ShotOnMoment #MomentOnLaPush
EricaSpin: The best feeling in life is when you can go days, months, weeks, and even years without seeing someone, but when you do it's as if no time has passed at all. Those are the friends you keep, cherish, and treasure for a lifetime. #ShotOnMoment #MomentOnLaPu
EricaSpin: We hoped for a sunset but the fog had a different ambience in mind. #MomentOnLaPush #ShotOnMoment
EricaSpin: PNW textures and colors. It's no wonder they call this place emerald city! 😍🌿 Check out my latest blog post, link is in bio!
EricaSpin: Excited to be out camping again this weekend! Gotta get it all in before summers over. Where are some of your favorite places to camp? Check out my story for @Moment on being off the grid, link is in bio! #MomentCampMeet #MakeYourWorldBigger #ShotOnMoment
EricaSpin: Take me back to the #MomentCampMeet where everyone was together, enjoying each others company, and squealing at the sight of fog, trees, and peaks! Check the full story, link is in bio! #ShotOnMoment
EricaSpin: I am spent. Two photo shoots in less than a week? What year is this, 2012?! Man, I am out of shape πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #filmisnotdead #mamiya645 #fuji400h #thedarkroomlab_outdoorfun
EricaSpin: I've been off the grid for a few days due to a high fever and head cold. After a day of full rest I'm back at again and hosting Moment's first camp meet this weekend! If you are still interested, send us an email at! Still a few spots
EricaSpin: Spending the day catching up on photos, blogging, and then some shooting in the afternoon. What are your plans? #statefilmlab #filmisnotdead #120mm #pentax67
EricaSpin: In what aspects of your life do you live on the edge? It could be hiking, swimming in the ocean past the shore, skydiving, spearfishing, etc.? I'm still learning to overcome my fear of heights so every time I go out hiking, that's the most sense of dang
EricaSpin: Who would like to go camping before the summers over? I just got myself a hammock that I'm going to be using this weekend for some relaxation.
EricaSpin: I keep falling in love over and over again. Meet my newest addition, Chibi. πŸ’—
EricaSpin: I've gone camping more times this summer than I have my entire life. Not a bad way to spend 2016's summer. #summer
EricaSpin: I guess I'm still an amateur at this. I thought I shot a roll but it was blank. My reader said 15 but there wasn't anything in it. UGH! Sunset came and went. Luckily I had some @cinestillfilm with me and I was able to have a do-over. #thestruggleisfilm sh
EricaSpin: I'm seriously having such a great time putting together all of my recent film shots together. #fujifilm #fuji200 #LeicaM6
EricaSpin: This is my dream car. FujiFilm 200 indoor/outdoor #LeicaM6
EricaSpin: Welp, the roll didn't come out as I anticipated. You win some, you lose some. Shot on #superia, #leicam6
EricaSpin: I found a roll in my drawer from high school that I'm getting developed today. I have to admit, I'm pretty scared to what could be in it. Portra 400, Leica M6 #filmisnotdead #film #kodak
EricaSpin: I just realized my feed lacks architecture. I like architecture, so here.
EricaSpin: Fremont, 2016. #filmisnotdead shot on Portra 400, Nikomat.
EricaSpin: Relationship goals. Portra 400, Nikomat. #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Lovely gal from Shug's. FujiFilm 200 indoor/outdoor. Leica M6. #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Shot on Fuji Pro 400h, Leica M6 #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Today was not a lazy Sunday, but it was a worth it Sunday. Shot on Portra 400, Konica C35 #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Highlight of my day: I got to pet and hang it with a wallaby. I'm not kidding, checkout my snapchat: EricaSpin, shot of Kodak Portra 400, Konica C35 #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Winter Haven, Miami. Check out the full set, link in bio.
EricaSpin: While I was out people watching, this guy was people watching too. Shot in Fuji 400H on Leica M6, #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: Miami palette. πŸŒ΄β›±πŸ’— check out the full story, link in bio!
EricaSpin: Miami colors on #Fuji400h are just so beautiful! Check out my full story, link in bio! #filmisnotdead #thedarkroomlab_streetphotography
EricaSpin: My city in all its glory, check out the full story, link is in my bio!