speedcenter2001: One of many Porsche generations
speedcenter2001: Edwards/Tomczyk out of the woods
speedcenter2001: Action Express near Canada
speedcenter2001: Slipping past the wall
speedcenter2001: Stained heat shields
speedcenter2001: Streaking through Canada Corner
speedcenter2001: Gas for Will
speedcenter2001: Horizon Runner
speedcenter2001: Filling Acura Mirrors
speedcenter2001: The battered old prototype - in Explore 05-04-2018
speedcenter2001: Into the night at the Petit
speedcenter2001: Mercedes AMG GT3 at the Petit
speedcenter2001: Illuminating the diffuser
speedcenter2001: Night service
speedcenter2001: All fully focused
speedcenter2001: Alfa Romeo
speedcenter2001: Nomad, two guys, and a couch
speedcenter2001: Generations
speedcenter2001: Not quite the Ecoboost generation
speedcenter2001: Shelby 350 GT
speedcenter2001: Heavyweight
speedcenter2001: Italian Bulldog
speedcenter2001: The other Italian
speedcenter2001: Big Muscle
speedcenter2001: Ferrari on a hot August day
speedcenter2001: Off camber into the Hurry Downs
speedcenter2001: Mini with the sky on fire
speedcenter2001: Two antiques - explored 4-12-2018
speedcenter2001: Quadracci in his Indy Lights car