speedcenter2001: 2 Miles closer to outer space
speedcenter2001: Sunset on Whitney
speedcenter2001: Island in the sun
speedcenter2001: The long trek to Mount Whitney
speedcenter2001: Evening mood on Whitney
speedcenter2001: Approaching Whitney
speedcenter2001: Bighorn Plateau
speedcenter2001: Another hiker right on the summit
speedcenter2001: The Great Western Divide Sunset Show
speedcenter2001: Rae Lakes in the Morning
speedcenter2001: Above Forester Pass
speedcenter2001: Cruise mode below Diamond Mesa
speedcenter2001: Fin Dome in the morning light
speedcenter2001: Leaving Rae Lakes as the sun hits the trail
speedcenter2001: Forester Pass from the south
speedcenter2001: On the blasted trail
speedcenter2001: Edwin gets ready on Forester
speedcenter2001: Break on Forester Pass
speedcenter2001: High meadow on Forester Pass
speedcenter2001: West view coming down from Glen
speedcenter2001: Scanning for future camp sites
speedcenter2001: Me on top of Glen
speedcenter2001: Painted Lady
speedcenter2001: Rae Lakes connection stream
speedcenter2001: Coffee water is on the stove
speedcenter2001: Off trail south of Pinchot Pass
speedcenter2001: Mather Pass panorama
speedcenter2001: Pinchot camp with moon
speedcenter2001: Muir Trail Veteran on Pinchot Pass
speedcenter2001: Tarn above Pinchot Pass Trail