speedcenter2001: Core wins another race
speedcenter2001: It wasn't their day
speedcenter2001: Ford chase
speedcenter2001: Cheetah in the paddock
speedcenter2001: Wet Sunday Morning
speedcenter2001: Surtees in the paddock
speedcenter2001: Sideways in turn 6
speedcenter2001: The big car on the curb
speedcenter2001: GT40 in action
speedcenter2001: Wet eyes
speedcenter2001: When race cars still had great lines
speedcenter2001: Trans Am chase
speedcenter2001: Open Vette
speedcenter2001: Eyes on you
speedcenter2001: Cockpit view
speedcenter2001: Fast Shadow
speedcenter2001: The slippery Cheetah
speedcenter2001: GTR in the house
speedcenter2001: Strange thing
speedcenter2001: F5000 from the rear
speedcenter2001: Datsun 510
speedcenter2001: Classic colors
speedcenter2001: A fresh face at the event
speedcenter2001: F5000 nose cone
speedcenter2001: One of the brave vintage racers
speedcenter2001: Matching color crew hats
speedcenter2001: Fastest of the CanAm cars
speedcenter2001: Doesn't show the 100k miles on the clock
speedcenter2001: Stormy weather after a hot and humid weekend
speedcenter2001: LED bulb check