speedcenter2001: Back when Penske used to run those Acuras
speedcenter2001: Road America in the morning
speedcenter2001: After a few hours of speed
speedcenter2001: Rebellion R-One
speedcenter2001: Montoya at Long Beach
speedcenter2001: Powerslide
speedcenter2001: A Corvette, at least by name
speedcenter2001: The Real Corvette
speedcenter2001: Computer compartment
speedcenter2001: Benetton out of Thunder Valley
speedcenter2001: Don't rev past 10,000
speedcenter2001: You get out what you put in
speedcenter2001: Takuma on the move
speedcenter2001: Newgarden doing his thing
speedcenter2001: Rahal in there somewhere
speedcenter2001: Gear box check
speedcenter2001: Chance of showers
speedcenter2001: Wet Express
speedcenter2001: Full LED check in the Kink
speedcenter2001: M8 in the bright light
speedcenter2001: The Heart of Racing
speedcenter2001: Fast with the engine in the middle
speedcenter2001: It's a gaggle coming through the Kink
speedcenter2001: First GT3 Cup winner of 2020
speedcenter2001: The 912 fills the frame
speedcenter2001: Porsche and the shrubbery
speedcenter2001: This $&@! Just Got Serious
speedcenter2001: Super Mario
speedcenter2001: The M6 ahead of the pack
speedcenter2001: A dozen headlights