speedcenter2001: Mazda fills the screen
speedcenter2001: The other Mazda
speedcenter2001: The river is behind that banner
speedcenter2001: Melting snow in mid January
speedcenter2001: Dripping mud
speedcenter2001: Single track in January
speedcenter2001: Slowly getting the details worked out
speedcenter2001: Warm rays in January
speedcenter2001: Break at the theatre
speedcenter2001: No grip on those tires
speedcenter2001: 100 yards from my house
speedcenter2001: warming up in the sun
speedcenter2001: parked in the park
speedcenter2001: yellow and gold
speedcenter2001: Muddy Bluto
speedcenter2001: rack detail
speedcenter2001: The rear end
speedcenter2001: DIY fender
speedcenter2001: Nine on a stick
speedcenter2001: Battlefield of the colors
speedcenter2001: Rahal checking his six
speedcenter2001: Sato in the Andretti Honda machine
speedcenter2001: JR in blue for Road America
speedcenter2001: Aleshin uphill battle
speedcenter2001: Coyne's second rookie
speedcenter2001: Hinch in Canada Corner
speedcenter2001: Cadillac's final season - In Explore
speedcenter2001: Eversley working the curb
speedcenter2001: Chasing the XXL car
speedcenter2001: Dalziel in a German car