Snemann: Coastlines. November, and not quite winter yet.
Snemann: Seakayaking. A good spot for lunch.
Snemann: Seagull, guarding his lookout spot.
Snemann: Just a stretch of rocky shoreline.
Snemann: Just a reindeer to brighten the day
Snemann: Reindeer, enjoying the sunrise outside Tromsø
Snemann: October sunlight on a kayakers paradise
Snemann: Seakayaking. The perfect tent spot, very close to sea.
Snemann: Shoreline. A standard rocky one.
Snemann: Shorelines. A rough stretch vith a nice view.
Snemann: Mountain bearberries, Arctostaphylos alpinus with a view
Snemann: Autumn colurs galore and first snow in the mountains
Snemann: Fresh snow and flowing water - autumn is here
Snemann: Marine litter. This buoys 4700 km journey ended here.
Snemann: Coastlines, in soft evening light
Snemann: Marine litter. Heartbreaking.
Snemann: Marine litter. A meteorological radiosonde.
Snemann: Sea kayaking. A nice campsite for the night.
Snemann: Marine litter. Life prevails.
Snemann: Coastlines. A well kept farm in Kvalsundet.
Snemann: A rough but colourful coastline.
Snemann: Roseroot beach. A tiny and colourful hideaway.
Snemann: Roseroot, Rhodiola rosea, just showing off..
Snemann: Marine litter. Removing a real bad guy.
Snemann: Marine litter. Springtime cleanup at Røssholmen.
Snemann: Marine litter. One more styrofoam block removed.
Snemann: Marine litter. Offloading at a depot.
Snemann: Marine litter. Another blue plastic monster.
Snemann: Springtime by the river.
Snemann: Seakayaking. Lyngen penninsula as a scenic background.