SmH_K: A Small Red Squirrel
SmH_K: Autumn
SmH_K: Sunset and Sky
SmH_K: Mallard-Female
SmH_K: Blueberries and Ladybird
SmH_K: I'm tired..
SmH_K: Lunch Time
SmH_K: Roe Deer in Strawberry Field
SmH_K: European Hare
SmH_K: A Farm in Finland
SmH_K: Finnish Horse
SmH_K: Wheatfield
SmH_K: Are you watching us?
SmH_K: A Flower
SmH_K: Birds and Sun
SmH_K: Buck Moon
SmH_K: White-Tailed Deer
SmH_K: Moment !
SmH_K: Sunset in Finland
SmH_K: Sunset in the Summer in Finland
SmH_K: Portrait Photo of Barnacle Goose
SmH_K: Take My Photo !
SmH_K: Lahti City Hall and Moon
SmH_K: Perfect, Proud and Sweet Mother Great Crested Grebe
SmH_K: Nature and Human in the Summer
SmH_K: Grebe and 3 Cubs
SmH_K: The Army
SmH_K: Roe Deer in the Wheatfield
SmH_K: Woodshed in the Field
SmH_K: Not there, This way !