sjohnstoncpa: Bleeding Hearts.
sjohnstoncpa: Fern and flowers.
sjohnstoncpa: Flower at Biltmore Estate
sjohnstoncpa: Pink Tulips at Biltmore Estate.
sjohnstoncpa: Tulips at Biltmore Estate.
sjohnstoncpa: Another koi at Biltmore Gardens
sjohnstoncpa: Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
sjohnstoncpa: Koi in a pool at the Italian Garden of the Biltmore Estate.
sjohnstoncpa: Snow, again!
sjohnstoncpa: Paperwhite bloom with Christmas Cactus in the background.
sjohnstoncpa: Scene from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Fog
sjohnstoncpa: Another barn in winter.
sjohnstoncpa: Barn in winter.
sjohnstoncpa: Red canoe and dock in snow.
sjohnstoncpa: Log Hollow Falls
sjohnstoncpa: Living Waters
sjohnstoncpa: An armadillo in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
sjohnstoncpa: Looking Glass Falls with ice.
sjohnstoncpa: You never know what you will find when you go outside.
sjohnstoncpa: Mingus Mill in snow.
sjohnstoncpa: Meanwhile, only fog near me.
sjohnstoncpa: Snow on the Blue Ridge Parkway
sjohnstoncpa: Icy vows.
sjohnstoncpa: Sliding Rock after heavy rain.
sjohnstoncpa: Looking Glass Falls after a heavy rain.
sjohnstoncpa: Sunburst Falls
sjohnstoncpa: Street in downtown Charleston, SC.
sjohnstoncpa: Another image from Magnolia Gardens.
sjohnstoncpa: Magnolia Gardens
sjohnstoncpa: 2 Herons.