sjohnstoncpa: There wasn't a cloud in the sky when I took this shot. You never know what you might find.
sjohnstoncpa: Two egrets.
sjohnstoncpa: Almost Spring!
sjohnstoncpa: Waterfall in winter.
sjohnstoncpa: A barn with fog.
sjohnstoncpa: After the Snow
sjohnstoncpa: A barn in snow.
sjohnstoncpa: Before the snow.
sjohnstoncpa: Big Creek Falls
sjohnstoncpa: Trees and cascades.
sjohnstoncpa: Fog at Lake Logan.
sjohnstoncpa: Bald Eagle at Lake Logan.
sjohnstoncpa: Another shot of the bald eagle.
sjohnstoncpa: Looking Glass Falls in winter.
sjohnstoncpa: Ice by the creek.
sjohnstoncpa: Cascades below Little Bird Falls in winter.
sjohnstoncpa: Sunburst Falls in winter
sjohnstoncpa: Sliding Rock
sjohnstoncpa: The mountain side in the cold.
sjohnstoncpa: Living Waters
sjohnstoncpa: Rainbows on the Parkway.
sjohnstoncpa: After the leaves are gone.
sjohnstoncpa: Hoarfrost on the Parkway
sjohnstoncpa: Another fall color image.
sjohnstoncpa: Fall color.
sjohnstoncpa: Fall on the Parkway.
sjohnstoncpa: Still fall!
sjohnstoncpa: Barn near Brevard, NC
sjohnstoncpa: Hooker Falls
sjohnstoncpa: Mingus Mill