sjb4photos: An Autumn Afternoon at Third Sister Lake
sjb4photos: The Copper Nail in Downtown Grass Lake, Michigan
sjb4photos: T.C.A. 25th Silver Anniversary Street Car
sjb4photos: 1959 Fiat 500 Jolly - For a Jolly Good Time
sjb4photos: 1936 Ford Model 68 Roadster
sjb4photos: 1952 Singer Roadster
sjb4photos: 1950 Allard J2 Roadster - Cadillac Powered
sjb4photos: Downtown Detroit is Stuffed With Buildings
sjb4photos: Michigan's Huron River Trimmed in Wintry White
sjb4photos: Fleecy Summertime Clouds Soar Above Ann Arbor
sjb4photos: 1917 Hudson Series J Super Six Limousine
sjb4photos: Stanley Mountain Wagon
sjb4photos: 1923 Cole 890 Coupe
sjb4photos: 1904 Autocar Runabout
sjb4photos: Mrs. Cohen's Millinery Shop at Greenfield Village
sjb4photos: Sharon United Church of Christ Near Manchester
sjb4photos: Antique Carriage Ride in Colonial Williamsburg
sjb4photos: Cotswold Gardens and the Barn in Greenfield Village
sjb4photos: Tidy Farmlands of the Amish in Ohio
sjb4photos: 1954 Pontiac Indian Chief Hood Ornament
sjb4photos: 1953 Nash Healey V8 Convertible
sjb4photos: 1935 Jensen-Ford Woodie Shooting Brake
sjb4photos: 1957 Dual Ghia Convertible
sjb4photos: California Zephyr Promotional Spread - 1966
sjb4photos: Firestone Farm in Henry Ford's Greenfield Village
sjb4photos: St. Mary Lake and Fusillade Mountain in Glacier Park
sjb4photos: Mount Cannon in Montana's Glacier National Park
sjb4photos: Lynette Rose Bloom
sjb4photos: Devil's Slide in Utah's Weber Canyon - 1969
sjb4photos: Travel the Chief way - Santa Fe Railway. 1966