MWBee: Storm
MWBee: The Sun.
MWBee: Straight from camera!
MWBee: Sphere 2
MWBee: DSC_6484
annette.frinzl: red and blue
annette.frinzl: nostalgia
annette.frinzl: here I am
annette.frinzl: I want a perfect soul
Roland B43: A sweet rose
Christine_S.: spider lilies
Christine_S.: pink Japanese anemone
Gemi Seriman: I saw Krampus kissing Santa Claus
rainerralph: light worms in the house
Martin Tidbury: Eastergate Bridge
MWBee: Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd)
june1777: 1506/1714
wizard_of_dof: Locarno, Switzerland
jchau1731, thanks for 9 million views: Friends are like sunflowers, they make everything brighter
wilfried mack: img_7087
wilfried mack: Winterwanderungen rund um Nürnberg ( Stein )
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Plénitude