Simone Lorenzetti: The Lonely Shepherd.
Simone Lorenzetti: Starting Over.
Simone Lorenzetti: Slaves to Rome.
Simone Lorenzetti: Someone You Loved.
Simone Lorenzetti: I am the Only One.
Simone Lorenzetti: I am not merciful.
Simone Lorenzetti: Cappellaio Matto
Simone Lorenzetti: quiet solitude.
Robby Metz: Reischenauer Land
Giloustrat: Escalator to hell or the hell of an escalator?
Giloustrat: Pèche à l'épervier - El pescador
Giloustrat: Yummy, miam!
Giloustrat: Fin de soirée
lutzmeyer: Andorra rural nature: La Massana, Vall nord, Andorra
Musicaloris: The slow and steady rock climber
Henri DUBUC: I see you
Rab .: The wind that Shakes the Barley.............
Lt. Sweeney: 2016 [Ed-2024] - 29 Sarai
Lt. Sweeney: 2016 [Ed-2024] - 28 Sarai
Lt. Sweeney: 2016 [Ed-2024] - 30 Sarai
Millie Cruz (On and Off): Gaming on the pond
echumachenco: View to the Mont Blanc group
Martin Bärtges: Bugatti Type 57C Aravis by Gangloff
Barbara Brundage: From the Series Submerged: Resonant Doubt
Tom E.S.: Sonnenaufgang bei Bad Oldesloe