pimpexposure: frozen pimp
pimpexposure: Why love, if losing hurts so much? I have no answers anymore: only the life I lived. Twice in that life, I've been given the choice: as a cowboy and as pimp. The cowboy chose safety, the pimp chooses suffering. The pain now is part of the happiness then.
pimpexposure: two days and a dollar short - you vote!
pimpexposure: For most journalists, covering the World Series or Super Bowl is the ultimate prize, but to be given the opportunity to do a feature on the pimp/cowboy fight is the pinnacle of any career.
pimpexposure: pimparrator says: part 6. The showdown. The forthcoming. The moment we all have been waiting for.
pimpexposure: You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, pimp, the Tooth Fairy, they were so close you could taste them. . .
pimpexposure: There isn't a day in my life when I haven't felt like a fraud. I mean priests, doctors, pimps, I've talked to them all. I don't know anyone who hasn't felt that.
pimpexposure: You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, pimp. That's where I'll be waiting.
pimpexposure: riddle me this, cowboy
pimpexposure: John 11:35
pimpexposure: goodbye pimpexposure
pimpexposure: 10 of 365: twilight... babe style
pimpexposure: 365 Day 331*
pimpexposure: 9 of 365: evolution of a tiny girl
pimpexposure: 8 of 365: introducing the g-funk era
pimpexposure: 7 of 365: but what will I do with the box for the next 5 years?
pimpexposure: 6 of 365: i think her allowance will be called "daddycash"
pimpexposure: 5 of 365: we like Opie better
pimpexposure: 4 of 365: that goddamn fucking bagel from school ruined her appetite for dinner
pimpexposure: 365 Day 330*
pimpexposure: 3 of 365: we call them "baffles" because that is waffles and babe combined!
pimpexposure: 2 of 365: fuck yeah
pimpexposure: 1 of 365: see that face? that's her "tired of daddy taking pictures and wanna go home" face
pimpexposure: Every single one of your ancestors survived. . .
pimpexposure: 365 Day 329*
pimpexposure: 365 Day 328*
pimpexposure: there will be an answer. . .
pimpexposure: 365 Day 327*
pimpexposure: 365 Day 326*
pimpexposure: 365 Day 325*