Shifat-Maria: Zarda, Traditional Dessert for Eid
Shifat-Maria: All the Mothers in the world are beautiful.
Shifat-Maria: 'Tulumba'- Persia and Ottoman dessert
Shifat-Maria: Birthday Boy Of the House!
Shifat-Maria: The best cure for worry is to surrender it all to Allah
Shifat-Maria: Being a little more me, and a lot less them.
Shifat-Maria: Lockdown Vs Daily need of life.
Shifat-Maria: During this pandemic, Let's stay at home & enjoy all the moments.
Shifat-Maria: Banana Bread & Coffee 2
Shifat-Maria: Banana Bread & Coffee.
Shifat-Maria: Dalgona Coffee, new trend going on.
Shifat-Maria: Bakarkhani – A Circular Disc Containing the Sad Story of a Love Triangle
Shifat-Maria: At the edge of the mountains, there'll be endless cloud.
Shifat-Maria: Homemade Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd 2
Shifat-Maria: Homemade Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd
Shifat-Maria: Tempura Prawn, Onion Rings, Vegs & Fried Rice.
Shifat-Maria: Traditional Bengali Thali
Shifat-Maria: Unloading raw materials of Cement, Mongla port, Sundarban.
Shifat-Maria: World Record- 201 Dome Mosque. Tangail, Bangladesh.
Shifat-Maria: Chocolate Caramel Cake
Shifat-Maria: We are proud of our Flag & Golden harvest
Shifat-Maria: Winter breeze & a cup of hot tea...
Shifat-Maria: Traditional Bengali Winter Dessert; কলার সেমাই পিঠা
Shifat-Maria: Minimalism... Black & Red.
Shifat-Maria: Travelling through the Kargil Road
Shifat-Maria: Smoked Chicken Biriyani
Shifat-Maria: From cocoa to chocolate...
Shifat-Maria: It's all about chocolates...
Shifat-Maria: Homemade Chocolate Fudge
Shifat-Maria: Our pride & cuisine- Hilsha