shadow1621: Aurora at Denali, Revised 2-023
shadow1621: Aurora at Denali, Revised 1-021
shadow1621: Sunset Reflection at Tahuna, Revised-045
shadow1621: Shadow and Line, Mesquite Dune, Death Valley-557
shadow1621: Last Sun at Badwater 1, Death Valley-402
shadow1621: Girdwood In Storm. Alaska-042
shadow1621: The Great One, Denali, Revised 2-013
shadow1621: Rising to A Ridge, Mesquite Dunes-561
shadow1621: Denali Autumn 2015-037
shadow1621: Alaska Range from Polychrome Pass-4
shadow1621: Sitting for Sunrise 2, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley-531
shadow1621: A Nice Night To Be Out And About, Nelson-058
shadow1621: Winged Cloud Reflection 2, Nelson-175
shadow1621: A Tangle of Limbs, Nelson, NZ
shadow1621: Rocky Beach, Tukerua, NZ-4
shadow1621: Sun and Storm, Hope Estuary, Alaska-049
shadow1621: FIre Island in Cook Inlet, Anchorage-3
shadow1621: Rain in Valley 4, Revised, Alaska
shadow1621: Dune Shadows 2, B&W-607
shadow1621: Cook Inlet in Gold 1, Alaska-3
shadow1621: Black Cloud Over Cook Inlet, Alaska-2
shadow1621: Albert at Stokness 1-3
shadow1621: Third Beach Sunrise, LaPush, Washington
shadow1621: Fiery Rainbow Mist
shadow1621: Triple Reflection, Pohara, New Zealand-025
shadow1621: Tidal Lips, Stokness-6
shadow1621: Light Curtain, Cook Inlet, Alaska
shadow1621: Denali Between Cloud and Land-016
shadow1621: Tidal Reflections, Cook Inlet, Alaska
shadow1621: Halibut Cove Pano, Alaska