Nἶოε: Street life !
Daz Smith: the girl with the letters
hans_polet: The Last Day
hans_polet: Cliche of Gulls
hans_polet: Wilderness
hans_polet: A Corner of His Tool Shed
hans_polet: Dreaming
hans_polet: Blue but Strange, Strange but Blue
Christophe Staelens B&W: The other side
carogray1: The Monk. Abandoning the wheels
chrisfriel: 020317-1
-gregg-: foggy winter beach day
herr_muell: "Angels Spread Your Wings"#1
herr_muell: "Angels Spread Your Wings#2
herr_muell: signs/finds#2 (revolution No.?)
herr_muell: soul cold#2
herr_muell: Tunnel#1 (of love)
herr_muell: Tunnel#3 (into darkness)
Eldon Underhill: insect intersect
Photography-Rainer Arend: ....kann auch weh tun dieses Mensch sein.
Antoni Gallart V.: Xemeneies Casa Batlló. (Barcelona - Catalunya). (Antoni Gaudí).
shampubanana: Chica en la tina