urbancamerasb: Tiffany Lamp Chicago Institute of Art
urbancamerasb: Fryerning Church Essex
urbancamerasb: Berries
urbancamerasb: Beach silhouettes
urbancamerasb: Fireworks
urbancamerasb: Estuary and sky — Aberdyfi December 2019
urbancamerasb: The Douro at Porto by night. Looking towards the Citadel
urbancamerasb: Rainy London 1
urbancamerasb: Rainy London 2
urbancamerasb: Rainy London 3
urbancamerasb: Beach Huts; Mersea Island, Essex
urbancamerasb: The shores of Loch Shin
urbancamerasb: Colours in the Highlands
urbancamerasb: Sunset with rigs and tankers Scapa Flow
urbancamerasb: autumn colours at Wakehurst Place, W Sussex
urbancamerasb: Bridge of Bonar Scottish Highlands
urbancamerasb: Breakers and rollers at Rouseay Orkney Isles
urbancamerasb: Theratening sky, Rouseay
urbancamerasb: Dunnet Head lighthouse. The most northerly light in mainland Britain
urbancamerasb: The cylinder, pump and gauges of the Dunrobin fire engine
urbancamerasb: Bruised evening sky over Stromness
urbancamerasb: Evening over Loch Errobil
urbancamerasb: Looking South from Cape Wrath
urbancamerasb: Looking North from Cape Wrath
urbancamerasb: Early morning light, Stromness Orkney
urbancamerasb: Lochside, Stennes Orkney
urbancamerasb: Plaque over the main gate Fort George
urbancamerasb: Cannon at Fort George inverness
urbancamerasb: Fort George Inverness
urbancamerasb: Relief model of Fort George in the grounds of the fort. inverness