saxman1597: St. Mary's Lighthouse
saxman1597: Ferry Crossing The Tyne
saxman1597: The Fish Quay At North Shields
saxman1597: Looking A Little Sheepish
saxman1597: Where Is Our Food?
saxman1597: Winter Meadow
saxman1597: Lighthouse
saxman1597: Fish Quay Scene
saxman1597: Cold Winter In The Field
saxman1597: Colourful Wineter Sunset From My Backdoor
saxman1597: Rural Scene County Durham
saxman1597: Sheep Friends
saxman1597: By The Sea
saxman1597: A Walk To The Lighthouse
saxman1597: Coast In Winter
saxman1597: A Winter View From The End Of My Street
saxman1597: Portrait
saxman1597: A View Across To Tynemouth
saxman1597: Causeway To The Island
saxman1597: Fish Quay At North Shields
saxman1597: A View From North Shields
saxman1597: Boats At Rest
saxman1597: Coming Home
saxman1597: The Shepherd Calls
saxman1597: Three Sheep
saxman1597: Winter Fields
saxman1597: Sheep Farm
saxman1597: North Shields Fish Quay
saxman1597: St. Mary's Island And Lighthouse
saxman1597: Winter Flock