Johanna(veryOFF): Wishing you all A Merry Christmas!
Johanna(veryOFF): Sonja and Bullis
Johanna(veryOFF): The white sofa is the most comfortable, off course :)
Johanna(veryOFF): Weee it is spring!
Johanna(veryOFF): Spring roll!
Johanna(veryOFF): My soulmate <3
Johanna(veryOFF): Snowqueen
Johanna(veryOFF): Sally catching snowballs =)
Johanna(veryOFF): I love you sister!
Johanna(veryOFF): Out on a mission
Johanna(veryOFF): Three chicks on my stairs =)
Johanna(veryOFF): Happy grumpy friday :)
Johanna(veryOFF): Happy Furry Friday!
Johanna(veryOFF): No paws on the ground =)
Johanna(veryOFF): Mother and son
Johanna(veryOFF): You can never catch me!
Johanna(veryOFF): Sonja and Bullis
Johanna(veryOFF): I dont want my brother to be cold so I am warming up the babysitter for him
Johanna(veryOFF): Supporting :)
Johanna(veryOFF): It is still snow, let me in!!!
Johanna(veryOFF): Thank you aunt Peggy for the toys
Johanna(veryOFF): Save me mama!