johnscratchley: A Tall Ship Waits
johnscratchley: Six feet apart means six feet apart
johnscratchley: Inner City Graffiti
johnscratchley: Swabbing Out
johnscratchley: Side Door
johnscratchley: Derelict
johnscratchley: Tseycum First Nation Reserve
johnscratchley: Vanishing Old Town
johnscratchley: 'Snow Crocus'
johnscratchley: Styrax japonica in Snow
johnscratchley: 'Hamurg' in Snow - B-W Version
johnscratchley: 'Hamburg' in Snow
johnscratchley: Sea and Sky
johnscratchley: Under Threatening Skies
johnscratchley: Wetland - Albert Head Lagoon
johnscratchley: Lagoon in Winter
johnscratchley: West Coast Fisher
johnscratchley: Hellebore Galore - Abstract
johnscratchley: Yellow Hellebore
johnscratchley: A Prelude to Spring
johnscratchley: Two Buildings
johnscratchley: Cameron Lake
johnscratchley: Remains of Fort Macaulay
johnscratchley: 'Colony' (Macro)
johnscratchley: "Tranquility II"
johnscratchley: Tranqility
johnscratchley: Galanthus
johnscratchley: Tools of the Trade