johnscratchley: Dawn at Peggy's Cove
johnscratchley: What's next?
johnscratchley: Evening Unsettled
johnscratchley: Opuntia in Flower
johnscratchley: Tangled Tapestry
johnscratchley: Last Leaf
johnscratchley: The Last Leaf
johnscratchley: Atop the Rock
johnscratchley: Congestion
johnscratchley: Tapestry of Leaves
johnscratchley: Rain on Foliage (2)
johnscratchley: Rain on Foliage
johnscratchley: Driftwood
johnscratchley: "Pensive"
johnscratchley: Fallen Leaves on Fern
johnscratchley: Silhouette and Shadows
johnscratchley: Boulders
johnscratchley: The Last Hydrangea
johnscratchley: Hues of Late Autumn
johnscratchley: Ogden Point in Fog, Wind and Rain
johnscratchley: November Silouette
johnscratchley: Alstroemeria
johnscratchley: Reflections in the Morning
johnscratchley: Late Autumn Afternoon
johnscratchley: The Reader
johnscratchley: Brewery Sign