johnscratchley: Scarred over time
johnscratchley: Wooden Fingers
johnscratchley: Goldstream River
johnscratchley: Stocking Creek Falls
johnscratchley: Tinges of Autumn Colour
johnscratchley: Awaiting...
johnscratchley: Heading out through the smoke
johnscratchley: Macaulay Point in Smoke
johnscratchley: Fuchsia in a Basket
johnscratchley: Low Tide
johnscratchley: Reflections at Tod Inlet
johnscratchley: 'Condo Harbour'
johnscratchley: Late Summer Blooms
johnscratchley: Christchurch Cathedral
johnscratchley: WW II Lookout Bunker
johnscratchley: The Backlit Forest
johnscratchley: Blinkhorn Lake
johnscratchley: Japanese Iris in Rain
johnscratchley: The Long Dry Summer
johnscratchley: View from Blueberry Hill
johnscratchley: Morning at Peggy's Cove
johnscratchley: Goldstream River
johnscratchley: Lewisia - Fragile but Hardy
johnscratchley: Seeing the Shades of Green
johnscratchley: Moss on Rocks
johnscratchley: Wild and Natural
johnscratchley: Patterns and Contrasts
johnscratchley: The Look of Summer
johnscratchley: Tones and Contrasts - Mini Canyons