Sam Yaffe: Yellow & Red Dahlia #2 _DSC7069-copy-1-A-2-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Yellow & Red Dahlia #1 _DSC7019-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Avian Masterpiece (Explored)_DSC6316-copy-1-A-8-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Tulip 6, 2019_DSC1895-copy-A-3-C-3
Sam Yaffe: West Mitten Butte, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park_DSC2153-copy-1-A-2
Sam Yaffe: Lotus Reaching for Dragonfly_DSC6241-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Tulip 5, 2019 (Explored)_DSC3627-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Double or Triple?_DSC6402-copy-1-A-2-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Window Peeping from the Highline_DSC5115-copy-A-2-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Big Waves,-Sand Painting #12_DSC1799-copy-A-1
Sam Yaffe: Totem Pole & Co., Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park_DSC2097-copy-1-C-1-A-4
Sam Yaffe: The Shed, Detail 2_DSC5132-copy-1-A-2-C-1
Sam Yaffe: The Shed, Detail 1_DSC5126-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Shadows on Sylvester_DSC2687-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: The-Mittens, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park_DSC2003-copy-1-C-1-A-7B-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Detail 4, Sylvester_DSC2708-copy-(2)-1-A-1
Sam Yaffe: SALE_DSC4902-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: W - Sand Painting #11 _DSC166 _copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Steppin' Out_DSC4897-copy-1-A-2-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Roosting Egrets_DSC0612-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: NYC Reflections_DSC5430-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Lotus Blossom Nestled Among Leaves_DSC7609-copy-1-C-1-A-1
Sam Yaffe: Manhattan Reflection_DSC5207-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Sand-Painting #10_DSC1721-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Not Art_DSC4729-copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: Combination_DSC4738-copy-1-S-1
Sam Yaffe: A Two Fer-UT-05-29-05-0039-D--copy-1-A-1-C-1
Sam Yaffe: The hour that the ship comes in__DSC2837-copy-1-A-1-C-1 copy
Sam Yaffe: Along the White Rim Road, DSC_1194-copy-1-A-N
Sam Yaffe: Dandelion_DSC3846-copy-1-A-2-C-1