rvjak: The lonely one
rvjak: War in Yugoslavia - 1993
rvjak: Boxing club NY City
rvjak: Bird watching elephants
rvjak: Colorado River
rvjak: Refugee camp - Iraq
rvjak: Portrait of the queen
rvjak: School in the Tibetan refugee camp, Himalaya, Choglamsar
rvjak: Jump!
rvjak: Lake Powell
rvjak: Guns and Roses
rvjak: Foggy day in Bourgogne
rvjak: Fly
rvjak: "We are Charlie", 5 years ago. Today the trial continues and idiots try to hit Parisians. This little girl is now a teenager and lives in the same dark world.
rvjak: The gang - cheetahs hunting in Kenya
rvjak: canyonland USA
rvjak: Refugee camp - Kurdistan
rvjak: Giraffe storm
rvjak: Night in the South : the old cemetery
rvjak: Waiting in the rain
rvjak: Pretoria's market - South Africa
rvjak: Kazakhstan - Almaty
rvjak: Storm on Grand Canyon
rvjak: Kids playing - New Caledonia - Ouvéa
rvjak: USA
rvjak: Fishermen - Kenya
rvjak: The battle of Mosul
rvjak: Angkor
rvjak: A real cowboy from Montana shows me where he was attacked by a bear.
rvjak: Texas dry lake