rvjak: Behind the fence. Refugee camp Iraq
rvjak: Monument Valley
rvjak: Trash Man. 91 or 92. NY was a tough city. A city that could eat you.
rvjak: She is watching you
rvjak: A sidewalk, somewhere in the world, with an almost invisible man. So many men and women become invisible.
rvjak: Bangkok vision
rvjak: Elephant - South Africa
rvjak: Memories of war. This picture was taken two years ago in the ruins of old Mosul. The fight was intense. House by house, civilians were freed by the Golden Division.
rvjak: Leopard. I saw it hiding in the grass one morning. Came back on the evening but it's position in the tree was not perfect. Found the tree again the next morning and it decided to move on the branch. Perfect timing with a beautiful light.
rvjak: Romania: A village is devastated by a flood due to the break of a dam.
rvjak: Cycling in the rain
rvjak: Every Sunday Channel 7 broadcastes Muay Thai fights. The entrance is free and people come to bet money. Loanguan Dabrunsarakam who explodes of joy or rage was the outsider but just won in 2 rounds.
rvjak: Taj Mahal
rvjak: Driving beneath the surface. Gold mine
rvjak: Bangkok
rvjak: The killing: About 1000 rhinos are killed every year by poachers in South Africa.
rvjak: Kid begging - Bangkok - the labyrinth
rvjak: The queen : Wild life in Africa
rvjak: Wild life South Africa
rvjak: Peshmergas warriors
rvjak: Waking up in Cambodia.
rvjak: Jazz Festival in New Orleans. A dancer in transe
rvjak: Children of war
rvjak: War against Isis
rvjak: After the liberation of a village, the Peshmergas secure the streets.
rvjak: Pretoria Market
rvjak: Refugees
rvjak: Refugee - kid portrait
rvjak: Birds at dawn
rvjak: Smile