rvjak: War against Isis
rvjak: After the liberation of a village, the Peshmergas secure the streets.
rvjak: Pretoria Market
rvjak: Refugees
rvjak: Refugee - kid portrait
rvjak: Birds at dawn
rvjak: Smile
rvjak: Kurdish officer in front of the picture of her daughter killed during a fight with Isis.
rvjak: Refugees: a boy hidden behind a white flag. These flags were the only protection for civilians.
rvjak: NY 1991/92
rvjak: war zone
rvjak: Refugee camp
rvjak: Soldier on his motorbike - Iraq
rvjak: Iraq: Kurdish soldier smoking in the night
rvjak: Prague
rvjak: Before the night
rvjak: Old man in Sevilla
rvjak: Peaceful
rvjak: Smoking in a street of Napoli
rvjak: Pretoria Market
rvjak: Paris was burning- the crowd facing Notre Dame
rvjak: India : Stolen ?
rvjak: Grandma and granddaughter in Cambodia
rvjak: Iraqi child in a refugee camp
rvjak: Vietnam worker
rvjak: Prague
rvjak: Bassorah. This picture was taken at the end of the First Gulf war, in the south of Iraq.
rvjak: Behind the fence
rvjak: Peshmergas at the border with Turkey
rvjak: Iraqi child