rvjak: Nasssyriah - Iraq - 1991
rvjak: War game in a refugee camp - Iraq
rvjak: NY levels
rvjak: The kurdish peshmergas have just liberated this town from Isis.
rvjak: South African elephant.
rvjak: The gipsy camp. Between two towers and the highway, the camp seems to grow every month in this suburb of Paris.
rvjak: Front line - Iraq 2016
rvjak: Leopard caught a young warthog for her cub
rvjak: Cubs trying to cross a river in Kenya
rvjak: Refugee camp - Iraq
rvjak: Love of a grandmother
rvjak: Southern Iraq 1991
rvjak: Battle of Mosul. This old man could not walk anymore and was waiting for some help in the middle of the battle field.
rvjak: Market - South Africa
rvjak: Baby Leopard - Kenya
rvjak: Members of the Federal Police carrying an old woman during the battle of Mosul
rvjak: Frenchmen street New Orleans
rvjak: The night is coming and is going to hide the ennemy
rvjak: Planet of the apes
rvjak: Atlantic walk
rvjak: Bird feeding on an impala - South Africa
rvjak: Foggy day
rvjak: The 5th of Dec Paris - Getting ready to fight the police
rvjak: The 5th Dec, demonstration against a new law to reinforce the power of police in France
rvjak: This woman just arrived from Mosul. Now she must carry mattresses and cooking equipment, with the help of her son, in this huge refugee camp. A hot storm gives this strange light to the sky.
rvjak: When the sun came
rvjak: The lonely one
rvjak: War in Yugoslavia - 1993
rvjak: Boxing club NY City
rvjak: Bird watching elephants