RussellK2013: Landing Gear Down!
RussellK2013: Splashdown!
RussellK2013: Attracting Attention
RussellK2013: Tail Slapping
RussellK2013: Humpback Tail-Slap
RussellK2013: Humpback Calf Breaching
RussellK2013: Humpback Whale Breach
RussellK2013: High Flier
RussellK2013: How The Pros Do it!
RussellK2013: Breaching Humpback Calf
RussellK2013: We Have Lift-off
RussellK2013: Humpback Breach
RussellK2013: Once More Unto The Breach!
RussellK2013: Anna's Hummingbird
RussellK2013: Formation Flying of the Feathered Variety
RussellK2013: The Great Escape
RussellK2013: Duck In & Divin'
RussellK2013: Seagull Shadow "Oil Painting"
RussellK2013: Looking Ahead
RussellK2013: Not Sharing!
RussellK2013: Eyes On the Prize!
RussellK2013: Stormy Sunset
RussellK2013: Up Close and Personal
RussellK2013: CHEESE!
RussellK2013: Captive Audience
RussellK2013: No Escape!
RussellK2013: Down The Hatch
RussellK2013: Dive! Dive! Dive!
RussellK2013: American Robin
RussellK2013: Tug of War