!Roy (is back): 11 feet 8 inches
!Roy (is back): November
!Roy (is back): 5:48 AM horror
!Roy (is back): Ephemeris
!Roy (is back): Ornaments
!Roy (is back): Delightfully
!Roy (is back): Rent-a-Bike
!Roy (is back): Confusion
!Roy (is back): Total lung capacity
!Roy (is back): Spectres
!Roy (is back): Nocturnal art nouveau
!Roy (is back): Cherry lucid
!Roy (is back): 104 seconds
!Roy (is back): Alternative traffic
!Roy (is back): First morning rays...
!Roy (is back): 100 seconds of moonlight
!Roy (is back): Halfway to the dark side...
!Roy (is back): Summer in the city
!Roy (is back): Higher tier
!Roy (is back): I can't stand this job anymore...
!Roy (is back): Ian McKellen?
!Roy (is back): Behind the Scenes