!Roy: Ginuta! [Explored]
!Roy: Shhh...!
!Roy: Kigan
!Roy: Kei
!Roy: All Spirits Alerted
!Roy: Teki!!
!Roy: Soft Hints of Pink Tremors II
!Roy: Soft hints of pink tremors
!Roy: Return on Investment II [Explored]
!Roy: All the dust particles in the air...
!Roy: Return on Investment
!Roy: Aug 20 - Tasty
!Roy: 31 Dec - didn't show up.
!Roy: Beryl
!Roy: I howl at the moon too
!Roy: Ornaments Of
!Roy: This land is peaceful
!Roy: Dust Runs Low
!Roy: Reach
!Roy: 11 feet 8 inches
!Roy: November
!Roy: 5:48 AM horror
!Roy: Solace
!Roy: Ephemeris
!Roy: Ornaments
!Roy: Saints