rowchester: Pink! DSC08215cr
rowchester: Happy Valentine's Day DSC08213cr
rowchester: DSC08207
rowchester: DSC08201
rowchester: DSC08197cr
rowchester: DSC08195
rowchester: DSC08194
rowchester: DSC08186cr
rowchester: View from a loo number ?? DSC08187
rowchester: DSC08183
rowchester: DSC08175
rowchester: DSC08174cr
rowchester: DSC08170cr
rowchester: DSC08162cr
rowchester: DSC08159
rowchester: DSC08154cr
rowchester: DSC08145
rowchester: DSC08144
rowchester: DSC08143
rowchester: DSC08140cr
rowchester: Pink pump DSC08139
rowchester: Red rocks, and lighthouse Hoylake DSC08138
rowchester: DSC08128
rowchester: Magpie in flight, taken by Richard DSC08118cr
rowchester: a tiding, tittering, tribe, gulp, merder, charm or flock of magpies DSC08116cr
rowchester: Cleaner bunting DSC08114cr
rowchester: So hoped there would be a little owl poking his head out of a hole DSC08102
rowchester: Sheep DSC08097
rowchester: Dee estuary DSC08094
rowchester: Flag Queen Elizabeth DSC08092