rowchester: DSC08550cr
rowchester: Otava Yo ! DSC08549cr
rowchester: DSC08547cr
rowchester: DSC08546cr
rowchester: DSC08545cr
rowchester: DSC08540cr
rowchester: Bumble bee and Cosmos flower DSC08536cr
rowchester: DSC08534
rowchester: Climbing beans almost gone DSC08532
rowchester: Runner beans down DSC08531
rowchester: Runner beans down DSC08530
rowchester: DSC08529
rowchester: Just showing how to look through plants to make garden look bigger DSC08521
rowchester: DSC08519C
rowchester: Too bright, but doing whatever didnt make any difference DSC08513C
rowchester: Buddliea doing best - this is where all the bees are DSC08507
rowchester: onions not good, weather has been so hot dry/ wet cold DSC08506
rowchester: broad beans DSC08505
rowchester: Sunflower DSC08504
rowchester: short sunflowers - no winner - but marrow doing well DSC08503
rowchester: just started on the weedy squash bed DSC08502
rowchester: Inside the cage - everything doing well DSC08501
rowchester: lettuce beetroot and leeks DSC08500
rowchester: strawberry bed DSC08499
rowchester: peas DSC08498
rowchester: Dwarf beans and weeds DSC08497
rowchester: climbing beans DSC08496
rowchester: Runner beans DSC08495
rowchester: Baby pumpkin DSC08494
rowchester: DSC08493