rotraud_71: In the mountain inn -
rotraud_71: Autumn impression
rotraud_71: Novembertag
rotraud_71: November -
rotraud_71: Forest path on a gloomy day
rotraud_71: Towards the color - Franz Marc, monkey frieze
rotraud_71: Hamburg, Kunsthalle
rotraud_71: Hamburg, Kunsthalle
rotraud_71: Glass-art
rotraud_71: Hortensia and hoverfly in the autumn sun -
rotraud_71: the laundry day
rotraud_71: Admiral in the sun of autumn . . .
rotraud_71: The bench over the valley -
rotraud_71: The golden autumn -
rotraud_71: Herbstabend -
rotraud_71: Aster in autumn -
rotraud_71: A far view into the Salzburger Land
rotraud_71: Schleckermaul in meiner Apfelsaft-Flasche
rotraud_71: Elbphilharmonie detail
rotraud_71: Elbphilharmonie detail
rotraud_71: Elbphilharmonie, architekture detail
rotraud_71: The fisherman under the bridge -
rotraud_71: Hey buddy, out of the way!
rotraud_71: Happy chicken on the way -
rotraud_71: Altweibersommer in Oberbayern
rotraud_71: Chapel on the hill - a place I like -
rotraud_71: Chapel on the hill . . . a place I like
rotraud_71: Apple delights in autumn
rotraud_71: Autumn treasures -
rotraud_71: Evening haze over the valley -