Rossoindia: sway II - There was a happy land (R2462)
Rossoindia: Sway I - all the livelong way (R2469)
Rossoindia: dance away from here (R2460)
Rossoindia: economimesis (R2452)
Rossoindia: shoot and run (R2257)
Rossoindia: Long distance (R2284)
Rossoindia: The Wink Pavilion (R2197-2198)
Rossoindia: the bristling dullness of daylight (R2258 + 2LO_4)
Rossoindia: ...intentionally left black (R2156 + CG2)
Rossoindia: by the looks of it (R2179)
Rossoindia: under provisionary lights (R2027)
Rossoindia: was as if the shame of it should outlive him. (R1998 + CG1)
Rossoindia: untitled folded sheet, from a disjointed portfolio (R1927)
Rossoindia: the truth is a phantom limb (R1983)
Rossoindia: Agnosia (R1908)
Rossoindia: sentimental lashing (R1758)
Rossoindia: tropical gloominess (R-)
Rossoindia: evil names (R1468)
Rossoindia: The long cry (R1631)
Rossoindia: learning to swerve (R1612)
Rossoindia: storm staysail (R-)
Rossoindia: an unseen chalkboard (R1623)
Rossoindia: aghast (R1583)
Rossoindia: mickle time to grieve (R1537)
Rossoindia: @ \ (R822)
Rossoindia: } { (R-)
Rossoindia: 大 (R1535)
Rossoindia: # (R1415)
Rossoindia: ° O o (R1471)
Rossoindia: \ / / / (R1462)