DanaStyber: Wildfire damage near Mariposa CA
DanaStyber: Visiting the ranger station at the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. Much burned trees off highway on the way here.
DanaStyber: Visiting the Mariposa Grove visitor center. Walked trail over a mile but too late a start to complete; perhaps another time. Woods and trail beautiful.
DanaStyber: Odd tree on trail in Mariposa
DanaStyber: Bear Mat or Clover - Mariposa CA
DanaStyber: Trees near Mariposa CA
DanaStyber: Rock Lichen - Central California
DanaStyber: San Juan Islands from Washington State Ferry
DanaStyber: 90' Navy Harbor Tugboats under construction at Dakota Creek Industries
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DanaStyber: IMG_2026
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