Ron27ald: Children playing outdoors
Ron27ald: Excess earning potential
Ron27ald: Sugar detectors on insulin plant flower
Ron27ald: Kids on fruit patrol
Ron27ald: Late afternoon tilt
Ron27ald: A glorious morning at the terrace
Ron27ald: Manila old and new
Ron27ald: Taal lake and volcano by the golf course
Ron27ald: Lake and volcano
Ron27ald: A night in the city
Ron27ald: Solitons
Ron27ald: Exposed!
Ron27ald: Sparkling early for the season of grace
Ron27ald: Bitter, it clouds vision
Ron27ald: A view from 38
Ron27ald: Reinforced kite
Ron27ald: Misty morning
Ron27ald: Early October sunset
Ron27ald: Fire in the sky
Ron27ald: Then there was two
Ron27ald: Umbrella holding fallen tree branches
Ron27ald: Trapping a volcano
Ron27ald: Outline of a history
Ron27ald: Hydra?
Ron27ald: The chase
Ron27ald: Ambush
Ron27ald: Pretty in pink
Ron27ald: The many faces of terror
Ron27ald: Bee impression
Ron27ald: Cocoon mimics snail