roma.bitos: in pursuit of the new year
roma.bitos: into a brighter, pink future!..
roma.bitos: Dubna, magic Russia.
roma.bitos: such a surface of Earth
roma.bitos: calmness suburban piramids
roma.bitos: Saint-P. for breakfast! Saint-P. for dinner! leftover Saint-P.
roma.bitos: when: I'm with you || you with friends
roma.bitos: Hermes
roma.bitos: self portrait
roma.bitos: weight less ness
roma.bitos: who is where, and the skyscraper is always on top
roma.bitos: Time. Time will not be able to hide from us inside the photos. We'll find it again!
roma.bitos: closed circle on happy
roma.bitos: honey, turn on the light for the neighbors
roma.bitos: carousel
roma.bitos: return! the?-“birthday()party__)