Tawny042: Walking
Tawny042: Colour and Shadows in the Lord Mayor's Show 2022
Tawny042: Participants in the Lord Mayor's Show 2022
Tawny042: Reflection, near Charing Cross
Tawny042: Tate, Millbank
Tawny042: Condiments
Tawny042: Portrait
Tawny042: South Bank Shadows
Tawny042: At Nunhead
Tawny042: Tower Bridge
Tawny042: Docklands and Thames
Tawny042: High Rise
Tawny042: Detail, London Eye
Tawny042: in Trafalgar Square
Tawny042: In Dam Square
Tawny042: At the Marylebone Summer Festival
Tawny042: Truck Cab Man
Tawny042: At the Carnival
Tawny042: Carnival time, Notting Hill
Tawny042: Water Break
Tawny042: A cloudy day in London?
Tawny042: On the SouthBank
Tawny042: Millbank Patterns
Tawny042: The Lookout
Tawny042: at London Bridge
Tawny042: Colourful Doors
Tawny042: Signs
Tawny042: Cloud
Tawny042: City Patterns
Tawny042: Great Eastern Street #14