robbie3331: Ireland 2019934
robbie3331: HafenCity Sunset
robbie3331: Dublin Style
robbie3331: Stone Pony
robbie3331: Ireland 2019
robbie3331: Ireland 2019
robbie3331: Ireland 2019
robbie3331: Summer Scene, Schlossgarten, Stuttgart
robbie3331: Flower (I know virtually nothing about flowers. I just take pictures of them sometimes.)
robbie3331: another red flower
robbie3331: Did I make a mistake?
robbie3331: Dilgelay Diner
robbie3331: Shopping in the Twilight Zone
robbie3331: Ondu Panoramic328-001
robbie3331: Ondu Panoramic327-001
robbie3331: Ondu Panoramic326-001
robbie3331: Ondu Panoramic324-001
robbie3331: Ondu Panoramic323-001
robbie3331: Nikon EL2 Nikon E 50MM
robbie3331: 2019-04-28_08-30-57
robbie3331: 2019-04-28_08-30-32
robbie3331: Canon Autoboy F with Panorama MaskFuji C200
robbie3331: The way I saw it.
robbie3331: 2019-04-28_08-27-05
robbie3331: A tree, you see
robbie3331: Elements
robbie3331: Easter Lake Trip 2019136
robbie3331: Easter Lake Trip 2019131
robbie3331: Yamaha Dance
robbie3331: Jackpot