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Ref54: 20200710-L1020093.jpg
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Ref54: 20200710-L1020086.jpg
Ref54: 20200710-L1020080.jpg
Ref54: 20200710-L1020078.jpg
Ref54: 20200709-L1020062.jpg
Ref54: Chester suns himself in the nice light today
Ref54: 20200709-L1020034.jpg
Ref54: The wonderful Leica APO Summicron-SL 50
Ref54: Flowers in my garden
Ref54: 20200709-L1020025.jpg
Ref54: 20200709-L1020021.jpg
Ref54: Beautiful birds
Ref54: Colour parrots in my backyard
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Ref54: 20200709-L1010912.jpg
Ref54: 20200709-L1010910.jpg
Ref54: 20200709-L1010880.jpg
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Ref54: 20200709-L1010859.jpg
Ref54: 20200709-L1010857.jpg
Ref54: 20200704-L1010356.jpg
Ref54: A smile worth a photo
Ref54: A wonderful mum
Ref54: Reika has a great smile
Ref54: A nice sweet smile
Ref54: I told her not to smile (and she smiled)
Ref54: A nice family
Ref54: 20200708-L1010831.jpg