John Gulliver: A pretty little Czech cold-war trainer Bus Stop
Steve Liptrot Photography: Great Haseley windmill
Geoff Monochrome: CWMORTHIN DECAY
Geoff Monochrome: MINERS' BRIDGE
memories of days gone by: Frogeye sprite Summertime Shoes
fossiled: How About Some Birds
John Gulliver: Staffie
John Gulliver: Raoul Toujourd, R90/6
susanwilson9: Calm Waters
susanwilson9: Lovely Evening
fossiled: And Now for something Completely Different
fossiled: Close up of a Green Jay
Howard Renshaw: Gallows Point, Beaumaris, Anglesey.
Gareth Mon Jones: Riding the Wave
Rob Pitt: Devils Basin
AreKev: Llangollen And The River Dee
Neil Shaw Images: MENAI BRIDGE
Cynfal: Nannau
Cynfal: Big Country
A Crowe Photography: Swooping in
Hilary_Jane: Foxgloves
Hilary_Jane: Lakeside Cottage.
Geoff Monochrome: CWMORTHIN IN THE RAIN 2
Geoff Monochrome: CWMORTHIN IN THE RAIN 5
Geoff Monochrome: CWMORTHIN IN THE RAIN 6