Mario & Debbie: Georgia Marsh View. Belleville, Ga
valery_pokotylo: October 16, 2022. The 235th day of war in Ukraine. Made it before the power went out. 😉
valery_pokotylo: November 8, 2022. The 258th day of war in Ukraine. "Summer is cheerful, singing passes, Peace comes to the earth... Quiet, thoughtful autumn descends." Pavlo Tychyna
valery_pokotylo: November 24, 2022. The 274th day of war in Ukraine. Yesterday, from the territory of Russia, 10 Tu-95ms missile-carrying aircraft hit Ukraine with more than 70 missiles.
valery_pokotylo: November 23, 2022. The 273th day of war in Ukraine. Everyone is tormented by one question: “How will we winter?” Anas platyrhynchos.
valery_pokotylo: November 14, 2022. The 264th day of war in Ukraine. If there were no light in the world, people's faith in God would be impossible. Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: November 21, 2022. The 271st day of war in Ukraine. Archangel Michael Mikhailovsky Zlatoverho monastery. Kyiv.
Mike Zimon Photography: Sol Duc Creek
MOSFET_: Chinese water dragon - Водяная агама - דרקון מים סיני (Physignathus cocincinus)
Karsten Gieselmann: Autumn by the creek
Alexxx1979: Bolgar 21
Luc de Schepper: EM10-9267544
mar_sanz62: Cascada en Canencia.
riebandtklaus: 055/22 Saatkrähe Rook Corvus frugilegus 28.10.22
riebandtklaus: 057/22 KohlmeiseKohlmeise Great Tit Paris major 14.11.22
Jean Marie Bailly: Kaysersberg_09a-050102
Jean Marie Bailly: Meeting Athlétisme Liège 2022_75m-1474
Jean Marie Bailly: Coucher de soleil à Momalle_02a
Jean Marie Bailly: Liège la nuit_05a-7995
Jean Marie Bailly: Bergheim-22_122b
Jean Marie Bailly: 202209_061a-Ebermunster-9271628
Ralph Hennrich: Arc de Triomphe
VitorJK: Jeropiga Chanceleiros - Vinho Licoroso
LiquidStep: mirrorchitecture
Stoates-Findhorn: It Took a Very Early Start and a Long Drive
ohpositif: Paris, villa de l'Adour
valery_pokotylo: October 8, 2022. The 227th day of war in Ukraine. Waiting for an opponent.