RCB4J: looking over the gate
RCB4J: living outdoors
RCB4J: gateway to frost and snow
RCB4J: not Mr Ed but Master Fletch
RCB4J: one woman and her mare
RCB4J: capers in the snow
RCB4J: snowballs don't bother me!
RCB4J: full speed down the yard
RCB4J: Good morning
RCB4J: Rural Lanarkshire with some colour returning
RCB4J: truly out standing in his field!
RCB4J: portrait in golden light
RCB4J: clearly on a mission
RCB4J: one asleep and one awake
RCB4J: discussion?
RCB4J: boys will be boys
RCB4J: frozen - mist rising
RCB4J: winter skyline
RCB4J: level crossing
RCB4J: the human launchpad
RCB4J: different approach to process
RCB4J: Happy New Year 2021
RCB4J: view from the sitting room
RCB4J: sky tonight
RCB4J: snowy whiskers 2
RCB4J: snowy whiskers
RCB4J: eyes down for Golden Hour
RCB4J: Master Fletcher
RCB4J: here come the thugs!
RCB4J: Good morning! For Grace