RCB4J: Grace intervenes
RCB4J: Nala is his match
RCB4J: a little weed
RCB4J: what's to come today?
RCB4J: time to reflect (explored)
RCB4J: some things crumble while other folk paddle
RCB4J: perching for a selfie
RCB4J: eat my shorts slow boy!
RCB4J: people walking by
RCB4J: down by the riverside
RCB4J: hound and horses
RCB4J: Dexter, their newest pal.
RCB4J: have you ever thought?
RCB4J: racing through the dunes
RCB4J: all in the mix now!
RCB4J: the standoff or who will blink first
RCB4J: Leo
RCB4J: the eyes have it!
RCB4J: intrepid explorers find lost buoy
RCB4J: contre jour - Explored
RCB4J: enjoyment
RCB4J: engaging - martial artists
RCB4J: elegance
RCB4J: Kaylah. The object of Jakob's affection
RCB4J: in love
RCB4J: new friend integrating
RCB4J: big beach, wee dog
RCB4J: there's something about
RCB4J: three missing?
RCB4J: dive, dive , dive