RCB4J: bumblebee and bokeh
RCB4J: Indian red admiral - Vanessa Indica
RCB4J: beach life resumes!
RCB4J: return of the Trailie
RCB4J: Grace @ beach 1
RCB4J: Grace @ beach 2
RCB4J: Grace @ beach 3
RCB4J: Grace @ beach 4
RCB4J: Grace @ beach 5
RCB4J: rainy day heron
RCB4J: hoverfly heaven
RCB4J: small tortoiseshell
RCB4J: grey wagtail
RCB4J: Ringlet - Aphantopus hyperantus
RCB4J: common knapweed
RCB4J: gowans et al
RCB4J: on the move!
RCB4J: will our paths meet?
RCB4J: rainy days and Mondays
RCB4J: dog rose
RCB4J: roly poly
RCB4J: Grace is pleased with herself
RCB4J: All in now!
RCB4J: mustering the flock
RCB4J: 10 year adoptiversary
RCB4J: fly? what fly?
RCB4J: fancy meeting you two here!
RCB4J: a little earlier
RCB4J: hoverfly morning! £40 lens from ebay!
RCB4J: down in the woods today