Ravline: Late Spring - Wild Bee on Malva spec.
Ravline: Angel Wings Extended
Ravline: Preparing Self-defense
Ravline: Protection rapprochée ~ Close Protection
Ravline: Look, Someone's Watching Us ...
Ravline: Urban Wildlife - Fox
Ravline: Feeding the young ones : the busiest time for my terrace appartement nesting birds
Ravline: Eurasian Wren singing for Spring
Ravline: Great Tit and Family Planning
Ravline: Blackbird with nest building material
Ravline: Young male Parrot sitting on Tree Trunk with Nest Hole (female inside)
Ravline: European orchard bee flying to insect hotel at our sunny Level 8 Terrace
Ravline: Great Tit foraging on male inflorescence Common Alder Tree (Alnus Glutinosa)
Ravline: Careful maintenance (Mallard drake preening)
Ravline: Climbing up a tree trunk
Ravline: Male Dunnock singing
Ravline: Immature Great Comorant, wings open
Ravline: Great Crested Grebe with a caught fish in beak (full screen please)
Ravline: Nile goose gosling, a mild winter 2020
Ravline: A Brown Female Mallard Duck
Ravline: White mandarin duck (drake) - Aix galericulata (Anseriformes - Anatidae) male
Ravline: Robin Redbreast
Ravline: Wood pigeon in the community gardens
Ravline: A tree dweller
Ravline: Pond View on a Cold Frosty Winter Day (full screen please)
Ravline: Great Find for this Nuthatch on a cold frosty Winter Day
Ravline: Erica shrub, great at providing winter color
Ravline: Ropedancer - Koorddanser - Funambule - Seiltänzer
Ravline: House sparrow - Huismus - Moineau domestique - Haussperling - Passer domesticus, fam. Passeridae
Ravline: Highland Cattle during a few days of snow in the Center of Belgium - Winter 2019