Riza Razzaq Malik: Lake Saif ul Malook – full view
Yasu Torigoe: Front view of the Palace of Versailles from Courtyard of Honor with Golden Gate Entrance at the center and Royal Chapel (Chapelle royale under renovation) to the right, Frace-11a
Yasu Torigoe: Sunset view of the ruins of the outer wall in relation to the inner enclosure of Château Gaillard (ruined castle built by Richard the Lionheart), France -41a
Yasu Torigoe: View of Impasse Pauge in village of Petit Andelys which leads to Château Gaillard (castle ruin build by Richard the Lionheart, Normandy Region. France -17a
kinojam: Choco Encuentro FeZ 2018
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 May 17 ~ Michael and the telescope set up for a night of astrophotography in the Australian Outback
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 May 3 ~ Sunrise at the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria State, Australia
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 May 2 ~ Sea Stacks at Gibson's Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria state, Australia
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 May 2 ~ Crimson Rosella, Kennett River, Great Ocean Road, Victoria state, Australia
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 Sept. 16 ~ Michael and the telescopes out for a night of astrophotography
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 Sept. 28 & 29 ~ The waning gibbous Moon on successive mornings
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2018 Oct. 10 ~ The waxing crescent Moon
The Gómez Project: Kumano Hongu Taisha. Kumano kodo. Japan
The Gómez Project: Hong kong.
The Gómez Project: Ganjalikhan Bazaar‌. Kerman. Iran.
The Gómez Project: Monument Valley. Arizona.
The Gómez Project: Waiting. Oakland. California.
Asier Villafranca: THAILAND - Ayutthaya
Antoni.Vallejo: _AVF0812
Antoni.Vallejo: Delta del Ebro
Antoni.Vallejo: Pla d´Engolasters
Antoni.Vallejo: Bordas Vall d´Ingles
Antoni.Vallejo: Vila&Encamp
Antoni.Vallejo: Cortals d´Encamp
Antoni.Vallejo: Instants únics a la vora d'un riu
kinojam: Choco Encuentro FeZ 2017
José Luis L: A320 Wizz Air
kinojam: III Encuentro Fotográfico de Aragón
kinojam: Catedral de la Santa Trinidad