coppirider: It's so volcanic.. this rainbow in my jail cell
coppirider: Didn't come this far to only come this far...
coppirider: Somewhere between love and hate...
coppirider: Black wasp in the building...
coppirider: Raging inside...the revolution will not be televised
coppirider: All the lights that light the way are blinding...
coppirider: x-mas 16
coppirider: x-mas 15
coppirider: x-mas 14
coppirider: x-mas 13
coppirider: x-mas12
coppirider: x-mas 11
coppirider: x-mas10
coppirider: x-mas 9
coppirider: x-mas8
coppirider: x-mas 7
coppirider: x-mas 6
coppirider: X-MAS 5
coppirider: X-mas 4
coppirider: X-mas 3
coppirider: Christmas 2
coppirider: Christmas 1
coppirider: Let life proceed by it's own design...
coppirider: These emotions guide me...I follow them blindly
coppirider: My psychotic overkill...battles no one understands
coppirider: My subconscious ... perfectly imperfect
coppirider: I'm not your average Joe...way above the average flow
coppirider: Battle cry... the venom and fear that binds us
coppirider: Questions of a thousand dreams...
coppirider: Thousand miles of the skin i'm in ...