ohio57: Bonte specht
ohio57: the easy way and the difficult way
ohio57: My first digital camera. 2001
ohio57: My first digital camera 2001
ohio57: Moonlight
ohio57: UK seen from france.
ohio57: newbies for next autumn.
ohio57: newbies for next autumn.
ohio57: Beauty of the forest.
ohio57: Door to the light.
ohio57: Blue and red.
ohio57: Dark or not dark, I want to see the light ...
ohio57: The last one of 2018.
ohio57: Tonderzwam.
ohio57: The last mushrooms for 2018
ohio57: A dragonfly.
ohio57: Sun in the end.
ohio57: Open window.
ohio57: Stairs to the sea
ohio57: Nieuwpoort today.
ohio57: Edge of mushroom.
ohio57: Edge of mushroom
ohio57: Nr. 24
ohio57: Red flower in front.
ohio57: The last green discolored and disappears.
ohio57: Distel
ohio57: Mushroom.
ohio57: Mushroom.
ohio57: Forest light.
ohio57: Family mushroom; mother, baby and father.