Puckpics: Soon the dark nights...
Puckpics: First visit to the National Trust’s #Nymans Garden since the pandemic began… membership has its benefits.
Puckpics: Let's meander at an easy pace
Puckpics: Blackdown from St Martha on the Hill
Puckpics: Paddington Basin - Before the guards pounced
Puckpics: Doortrait at Chantry Cottage, Guildford
Puckpics: Yews at Packwood
Puckpics: Doortrait at The March Hare
Puckpics: Come the end of lockdown, this is on the exercise list...
Puckpics: Liverpool's Albert Dock - August 2021
Puckpics: A near perfect 'Doortrait' waiting for capture at Packwood
Puckpics: Falling through the red filter...
Puckpics: Lands about Corfe
Puckpics: Hypercolour Green
Puckpics: 1 Dunham Massey Cottages
Puckpics: Nypheas at Sheffield
Puckpics: Junction of Sankey and Cromwell in Warrington
Puckpics: A place to rest by the Tilling Bourne
Puckpics: An alternative keyboard...
Puckpics: Bloody Hands
Puckpics: WTA Observation Wheel - Now in Liverpool
Puckpics: The Trigonometric Monument at Pitch Hill
Puckpics: Church and Warehouse at Gloucester Docks
Puckpics: Lonely Chair (No 25) on Rodborough Common
Puckpics: Not a monochrome, just a White Red Box
Puckpics: Peaslake's Box for Telephone Calls
Puckpics: Ford crossing of the river Tilling Bourne
Puckpics: Beauty at the edge of the woods
Puckpics: One of the NT's most charming: Packwood House
Puckpics: The Window Between Us and Them