Puckpics: Ludshott Commons Bridge at Waggoners Wells
Puckpics: Last #walk before #Lockdown2? A family escape to #Denbies Hillside and #Ranmore_Common near #Dorking in #Surrey. #walksurreyhills
Puckpics: Ashema... progressive with a P
Puckpics: Hellenium in flower
Puckpics: H at KL bw.jpg
Puckpics: Chartwell - Home of Winston
Puckpics: Nypheas at Sheffield
Puckpics: Another lockdown sunset
Puckpics: From Slinfold to Horham...
Puckpics: Yellow Rose
Puckpics: They know...
Puckpics: Is Prairie Yellow too bright for a screen wallpaper?
Puckpics: Lockdown in its extended weekend are not really going out’ form means that my #doortrait rate has slowed in 2020. Yesterday we went to Sir Winston Churchill’s #Chartwell where the #NationslTrust has the balance just right. Sadly no house visit, but I did
Puckpics: Macro of the Honesty Plant
Puckpics: Moments of chillin' during Lockdown
Puckpics: Poppies on Ditchling 2013.jpg
Puckpics: Benefits of Lockdown - No People in Nyman's courtyard
Puckpics: Beach Hut Study
Puckpics: Moment of Reflection on Leith Hill
Puckpics: In 3 years...?
Puckpics: A socially distanced lockdown walker
Puckpics: In fields of lavender...
Puckpics: VE Day walk to see decorations
Puckpics: Perhaps a new #walllaper captured today when I went with family to the #SussexPrairieGarden near #Henfield for the first time. It’s in #flower - #go #now
Puckpics: Lighthouse at Cap Formentor
Puckpics: Walk on the (not so) Wild Side
Puckpics: Pencils Imaged in Macro
Puckpics: Fields nr Warnham
Puckpics: A Rose? But which Rose?
Puckpics: Abandoned Poultry Shed