pat-s: On the trail
pat-s: No social distancing
pat-s: Distance
pat-s: Distance
pat-s: Artist's Drive
pat-s: The rocks near Playa la Sirenita
pat-s: Eroded
pat-s: A little blue
pat-s: Driftwood, detail
pat-s: Pieta ....
pat-s: Back street door
pat-s: North Cape Lighthouse residential building
pat-s: Rustic
pat-s: Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
pat-s: Detail, North Head Lighthouse
pat-s: Grey and rust
pat-s: Flying dream
pat-s: Tree farm, a memory
pat-s: Near Evangeline Point
pat-s: Orca breaks the surface
pat-s: Alert Bay Big House
pat-s: Islet
pat-s: Billy and Buster
pat-s: Passing through
pat-s: Evangeline Point, detail
pat-s: Evangeline Point
pat-s: Paddling on a mirror ....
pat-s: .... in the Burdwoods
pat-s: Pigeon Guillemots
pat-s: Profile