friendsintheair: Golden-headed Cisticola
Bill Bowman: Kingfisher Kerfuffle
cmescamilla: Wilson's Warbler_MG_8739 edtsg
cmescamilla: Vermilion Flycatcher_MG_0050 edtsg
Teruhide Tomori: Autumn Garden
77Dono: IMG_3530
vicch7: Enlightenment
Phátography: 訓晒身
Phátography: 搶晒鏡 / 佔晒光
Phátography: Wigeon take-off
fxdx: Above fluffy clouds
bjsowers1977: “He wasn’t exactly sure when it happened; or when it started. All he knew for sure was that, right here and now, he was falling hard and he could only pray that she was feeling the same way.” ~Unknown
Hilton Chen: Narrow Escape
Carol Ohler: When it's a store bought pie...
Glenn Losack M.D.: BANGLADESH778
Glenn Losack M.D.: BANGLADESH779
setoboonhong: The Superb Fairy-Wren
setoboonhong: Welcome To My World
setoboonhong: The Bamboo Curtain
setoboonhong: Fractal Patterns
setoboonhong: Howdy !
rschnaible: Dolphin Feeding 2
bulbocode909: Chalets de Varan
waewduan4: Lonely house ( Explored # 41 , Nov. 24 , 2021 )
waewduan4: The silence
Simon Hodgkiss - (Music & Photography): Woodland / Classical Track
Teruhide Tomori: Pure autumn colors
birdsaspoetry: Brown Falcon: Dropping like a Stone
birdsaspoetry: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo: Yum, Wattle Seeds my Favourite