prdsra: the sea, the plain, the hill
prdsra: walking around
prdsra: over there the Latemar group
prdsra: color
prdsra: the Catinaccio group and the horse
prdsra: the latemar group
prdsra: The Latemar, the fir trees, the flowers and me
prdsra: fish out of the water
prdsra: white and blue
prdsra: The Sirolo tower built around the year 1000; for a long time, and until about 15 years ago, the local telephone exchange operated inside this building
prdsra: mixture of sea water and sunlight
prdsra: blue sky
prdsra: strange reflections
prdsra: color
prdsra: blue
prdsra: Nettuno
prdsra: searching for newspaper
prdsra: sunshade with hat (on the beach)
prdsra: love
prdsra: Church
prdsra: June; all on the beach
prdsra: morning walk on the water
prdsra: the color of the sea at noon
prdsra: sit down and rest
prdsra: geometries
prdsra: Tourists and trulli
prdsra: drawing a tiger
prdsra: color
prdsra: red bike
prdsra: candid, converse and paint