prdsra: @tennis school
prdsra: see you tomorrow
prdsra: looking at Mount Conero and the Adriatic Sea from Recanati
prdsra: I like these curved lines, straight lines and colors
prdsra: the vineyard, sunflowers, freshly harvested wheat
prdsra: window on the sea
prdsra: yellow green bleu
prdsra: at 5 p.m.
prdsra: colors
prdsra: youth
prdsra: wake
prdsra: at 5pm everyone returns home
prdsra: The first glass is for thirst, the second for joy, the third for pleasure, the fourth for madness
prdsra: against the sun, over there the sea that glitters
prdsra: The gulf of Ancona, the profile of the Apennines, the sun just set, the moon preparing for sunset and Venus begins to shine.
prdsra: my friend Gino
prdsra: windy day
prdsra: a rose
prdsra: the gulf of Ancona
prdsra: railway line
prdsra: a little while ago, a quick brush stroke
prdsra: The moon between the gorse
prdsra: resumed in Madrid in 2011
prdsra: greetings from Ancona
prdsra: on the beach
prdsra: bottles
prdsra: the rose and the moon
prdsra: shadows
prdsra: a show every day
prdsra: lights and shadows