pontla: natural splendor
pontla: sky and mountains reflection
pontla: anthurium
pontla: Lago di Livigno
pontla: sunset over lake Simcoe
pontla: trio
pontla: emerald pool
pontla: give me wings...
pontla: sky on fire
pontla: truth and roses come with thorns...
pontla: simple living ... small needs lead to a large life
pontla: BW beauty
pontla: Sunset at lake SImcoe
pontla: eastern tiger swallowtail
pontla: delicate beauty
pontla: sunset at lake Simcoe
pontla: sometimes need to zoom out to get a wider perspective... sometimes need to zoom in to see beauty
pontla: sky at sunset
pontla: Toronto
pontla: ... noble simplicity in the works of nature
pontla: ... I will always stand behind you to push you forward and stand in front of you to protect you!
pontla: lizard ... with a touch of blue
pontla: ...heart and soul ...
pontla: alpine lake - to walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles...
pontla: dancing with the wind
pontla: ...the hopelessness that comes from knowing too little and feeling too much ...
pontla: pause and appreciate simple beauty
pontla: bee my flower
pontla: the sight of blue skies fills me with joy, creeks running wild move me … the simple things of nature have a message that I understand and wash my spirit clean...
pontla: wish I could wake up to this view every morning