petermüller21: Funny beard
petermüller21: next to the pool
petermüller21: Fashion in the backstreets of Cadiz
petermüller21: Münster sight seeing
petermüller21: Yellow chic
petermüller21: Spanish sun protection
petermüller21: Church and lantern
petermüller21: To the beach
petermüller21: A street musician
petermüller21: syncron steps
petermüller21: Colonnades of Cadiz
petermüller21: Ocean terrace
petermüller21: After work drink in No. 14
petermüller21: Black masked man
petermüller21: High above the ocean
petermüller21: man with beard
petermüller21: Shop window designer at work
petermüller21: Relaxing at the pool
petermüller21: The hidden one
petermüller21: Conversation at the sea
petermüller21: Cadiz ocean scooter
petermüller21: After sundown 2
petermüller21: Parrot on the wall
petermüller21: So proud of the little dog
petermüller21: Pellegrino
petermüller21: Eating and observing
petermüller21: Halloween dog
petermüller21: Xanten Cathedral
petermüller21: Looking back to the past