PJD-DigiPic: Entering Betty’s Bay
PJD-DigiPic: In the bathroom
PJD-DigiPic: Wethersfield Cemetery
PJD-DigiPic: Riverfront Park, Glastonbury, Connecticut. HFF!
PJD-DigiPic: Diced apricots
PJD-DigiPic: Happiness is having grandchildren
PJD-DigiPic: Sunset on the Connecticut River
PJD-DigiPic: Enders Falls - HFF
PJD-DigiPic: Connecticut River
PJD-DigiPic: Getting coffee
PJD-DigiPic: Enders Falls - #2
PJD-DigiPic: Enders Falls, Enders State Forest, Connecticut.
PJD-DigiPic: Prison recipe meatloaf.
PJD-DigiPic: Colorful autumn vegetables.
PJD-DigiPic: In memory of Donald Moore
PJD-DigiPic: Hockanum River Trail, Manchester, Connecticut.
PJD-DigiPic: Coco voted today
PJD-DigiPic: Crystal Skull
PJD-DigiPic: Halloween pie
PJD-DigiPic: Last day Lily, first snow of the season.
PJD-DigiPic: “How can a country be called great, when its bread tastes like Kleenex” Julia Child.
PJD-DigiPic: Orange chrysanthemum blossoms. HMM
PJD-DigiPic: Hockanum River Trail.
PJD-DigiPic: Autumn Gourds
PJD-DigiPic: Wild flower
PJD-DigiPic: String
PJD-DigiPic: A man and his dog.
PJD-DigiPic: Outeniqua Mountains, South Africa. (Taken in 2017)
PJD-DigiPic: Fence and sunset.