pieplate: fresh grapefruits
pieplate: shadowplay love
pieplate: peonies 2 frilly edges crop
pieplate: peaches' paws 2
pieplate: peaches' paws 1
pieplate: wso turns its back 2
pieplate: wso marvelous camoflage
pieplate: wso sharp talons
pieplate: wso grumpy
pieplate: wso dirty look full-on
pieplate: 248 lion & knife
pieplate: 247 power max lions 1
pieplate: 244 crouching lioness mascaron
pieplate: 228 lion knocker
pieplate: 223 impressionist shooter reflet
pieplate: 219 pere de famille calls his filles
pieplate: custard squircle
pieplate: towers of Locatelli and of olives
pieplate: cheese from Locatelli squircle
pieplate: Peaches' pretty chest
pieplate: Peaches keeps the cat nose warm
pieplate: Max and the leaf-mask 2
pieplate: MVI_7826
pieplate: spiral shadow with lurkation
pieplate: IMG_7784
pieplate: IMG_7783
pieplate: yam squircle Thanksgiving 2016
pieplate: pie squircle Thanksgiving 2016
pieplate: pie crust Thanksgiving 2016