picturesbyJOE: Connolly House
picturesbyJOE: Rialto Cinema
picturesbyJOE: The One Building
picturesbyJOE: Shelter
picturesbyJOE: Hampstead Hill
picturesbyJOE: Former Dunlop Factory
picturesbyJOE: Inchicore College of Further Education
picturesbyJOE: Church of the Holy Spirit
picturesbyJOE: Dalkey School Project
picturesbyJOE: The Quarry
picturesbyJOE: Windmill Lane Studios (Former DUTC Power Station)
picturesbyJOE: Phibsboro Centre
picturesbyJOE: Brooklawn
picturesbyJOE: Fairlawns
picturesbyJOE: Ralahine
picturesbyJOE: "Suncourt" Houses
picturesbyJOE: Peterson's Court
picturesbyJOE: Fitzgibbon Court
picturesbyJOE: Trinity Comprehensive School
picturesbyJOE: The Willows
picturesbyJOE: Claremont Court
picturesbyJOE: Firhouse Community College
picturesbyJOE: Northside Shopping Centre
picturesbyJOE: Fortwilliam
picturesbyJOE: Sutton Court
picturesbyJOE: Bayside Square
picturesbyJOE: The Laurels
picturesbyJOE: Dundrum Shopping Centre
picturesbyJOE: Martello Mews
picturesbyJOE: The Meteorological Centre