PhotoCet: Long tailed tit
PhotoCet: Relaxed bullfinch
PhotoCet: Mute swan
PhotoCet: Coal tit framed
PhotoCet: Blue tit blending in
PhotoCet: Anti gravity bird
PhotoCet: Water vole playing the penny whistle
PhotoCet: Bank vole
PhotoCet: In full song
PhotoCet: Shoveler
PhotoCet: Shoveler and squiggles
PhotoCet: Shoveler and wake
PhotoCet: Almost human
PhotoCet: Pheasant male
PhotoCet: Pheasant female
PhotoCet: Pheasant in the snow
PhotoCet: Spot the pheasant
PhotoCet: Kingfisher
PhotoCet: Kingfisher silhouette
PhotoCet: Badger in a striped hat
PhotoCet: Frack Free Mission
PhotoCet: Black headed gull
PhotoCet: Sparrowhawk
PhotoCet: Great crested grebe
PhotoCet: Kingfisher
PhotoCet: Grey squirrel
PhotoCet: Wood mouse skull, jaws, teeth
PhotoCet: Kingfisher
PhotoCet: If you like sparrowhawks...
PhotoCet: Claws of the bullfinch