Photo-A-Peal: Spotted Sandpiper Bridge
Photo-A-Peal: Crab Apple Wood Duck
Photo-A-Peal: Sitting Eagle
Photo-A-Peal: Long-Billed Dowitcher
Photo-A-Peal: Autumn Gull
Photo-A-Peal: Peregrine Falcon Branch Sitting
Photo-A-Peal: Fluffed Egret
Photo-A-Peal: Bison Side Portrait
Photo-A-Peal: Striking Hawk
Photo-A-Peal: Wood Duck Straight On
Photo-A-Peal: Wood Duck Side Look
Photo-A-Peal: Elk Portrait
Photo-A-Peal: A Running Start
Photo-A-Peal: Perching Kestrel
Photo-A-Peal: Blue Winged Teals
Photo-A-Peal: Bald Eagle Fly-by
Photo-A-Peal: Red-tailed Hawk Lookout
Photo-A-Peal: Deer in the lens
Photo-A-Peal: American Wigeon in Flight
Photo-A-Peal: Peeking Northern Flicker
Photo-A-Peal: Morning Mallard
Photo-A-Peal: Diving Peregrine Falcon
Photo-A-Peal: Goose Fly-By
Photo-A-Peal: Hot Dog Fox
Photo-A-Peal: Flying Cormorant
Photo-A-Peal: Northern Shovelers Landing
Photo-A-Peal: Hunting Raptor
Photo-A-Peal: Landing Pelican
Photo-A-Peal: American Avocet in Flight
Photo-A-Peal: Snowy White on the lake