Petrigraphy: Summer.
Petrigraphy: In the fields of gold.
Petrigraphy: Into the sunset.
Petrigraphy: Playing with the light.
Petrigraphy: Sunset of the longest day.
Petrigraphy: Midsummer.
Petrigraphy: Can`t see me.
Petrigraphy: Green.
Petrigraphy: 70% moon rising.
Petrigraphy: European hare.
Petrigraphy: Roe deer portrait.
Petrigraphy: A bit colder summer morning.
Petrigraphy: Roe deer.
Petrigraphy: Catch of the day.
Petrigraphy: Common Sandpiper.
Petrigraphy: A little kiss.
Petrigraphy: Show off.
Petrigraphy: Alone.
Petrigraphy: Early morning swan.
Petrigraphy: Morning glow.
Petrigraphy: Spring sunset.
Petrigraphy: Moonset 2.
Petrigraphy: Moonset.
Petrigraphy: The smaller things.
Petrigraphy: Morning hues.
Petrigraphy: Golden hour in the forest.
Petrigraphy: Early bird gets the sunrise.
Petrigraphy: Curious but cautios.
Petrigraphy: Details.
Petrigraphy: Common Hepatica.