Globalista1: Unflappable
Globalista1: Art Deco
Globalista1: Simple and beautiful
Globalista1: Sunset Sail
Globalista1: Autumn creates beautiful shadows
Globalista1: Harbour Art
Globalista1: Taking care of our Body
Globalista1: Opening to the world
Globalista1: Mercury off board
Globalista1: Morning Tube
Globalista1: Blue Panther
Globalista1: Elegant entrance
Globalista1: Autumn, welcome!
Globalista1: Welcome Autumn!
Globalista1: Santo Antonio Alem do Carmo
Globalista1: Women in front
Globalista1: Enlightened #Horizon - explore/2020/09/18
Globalista1: Most visible stairs in town
Globalista1: Colourful Face
Globalista1: when buildings turn blue
Globalista1: Beautiful Inside - old synagogue
Globalista1: Healing
Globalista1: Woman leading the way
Globalista1: Walking above Water
Globalista1: Monument: Captain's house of 1800
Globalista1: Angel of Cultures
Globalista1: "Dancing on a ceiling"
Globalista1: Structured Sunrise
Globalista1: If we could swim...!
Globalista1: Draw ever larger Circles